Teleste mobile network video recorders are modular and environmentally hardened IP network video recording devices

Teleste mobile recorders are environmentally hardened IP network video recording appliances intended for demanding emergency vehicle, bus, and on-board rolling stock security systems. These appliances are well suited for both new and retrofit system installations.

  • Autonomous operation
  • Geolocation tagged recordings
  • Automatic and on-demand offload of recordings
  • 3G, LTE and WiFi connectivity
  • Rugged design against shock and vibration
  • Compact size


Fit for all mobile security systems

Teleste mobile recorders are designed for IP video security systems on the move. These units are harnessed for demanding operating conditions in emergency vehicle and on-board security systems. Typical installation locations are IP camera systems in police cars, and on-board railcars and carriages in metro and trams.

Reliable operation on the move

The mobile recorder is the core element of the mobile video security system running in closed secured IP/Ethernet network. Connection and communication to the ground system is achieved over encrypted wireless VPN connection. The operator at ground system can receive video streaming from the mobile system while at the same time tracking the vehicle movement on the map.

IP-based connectivity

The video streams are transmitted into the unit directly from IP devices over the local vehicle network. The mobile appliance records video together with all the related metadata, such as geographical location information, in an uninterruptible loop mode to a local storage.

Wireless and automated offload

Criteria for automated offloading of recordings is preconfigured. This takes place over Wi-Fi connection when the vehicles have returned to their depots and garages for daily maintenance and service. Recordings of critical incidents are always available on request to ground system operator when connected to the mobile network.

Data integrity with audit trail

Integrity of the data and system is protected against cyber threats. Teleste mobile recorders have the same protection against unauthorized access as our S-VMX video management system. It grants access to stored material according to user rights and priorities defined in the system configuration and stores all user activities into log files.

Remote diagnostics

Like any other Teleste S-VMX appliances, the mobile recorder can be managed and diagnosed remotely, when connected to the on-line network. This greatly reduces maintenance and configuration time and hence has a positive impact on OPEX.

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