Teleste on-board public address and intercommunications

We offer public transport operators scalable and robust audio solutions that enable value-adding delivery of information, live voice announcement from train crew, public address, train crew intercom and passenger intercom. The solutions support a wide range of audio formats and it can be seamlessly integrated to our other on-board systems, such as display and wayside systems.

Key benefits

Communication beyond the limits

Our audio systems facilitate phones, microphones, amplifiers, and passenger intercoms. Their flexible and undisturbed operation is secured by a ruggedized design and redundant Ethernet and UIC bus technologies. It is also possible to trigger and create announcements from the ground.

Clear, sharp and reliable messaging

The system conveys automatic announcements and live messages, including audio and text, to passengers. High system availability and TSI compliance are achieved by combining analogue and digital technologies with IP-based networks and UIC buses.

Standard interfaces and VoIP/SIP Protocols

In addition to traditional train radio interfaces, our audio system can allow VoIP/SIP (Voice over IP Protocol / Session Initiation Protocol) technologies to be integrated with operational control centres, mobile applications, and other communication systems.

Assistive support for the hearing-impaired

The audio system can be integrated to the on-board display system to present audio announcements in a textual format. The system also supports integration with loop amplifiers, both for audio announcements and intercoms.

Teleste On-board solutions

All on-board systems

With our on-board solution and its subsystems, you can provide easier and safer journey for passengers on the move.